02.04 - Anderson Fishing Report

It'd been waaaay too long since I'd been out fishing so I decided to brush the dust off the fishing gear, gas up the boat, and head out to Anderson with Kevkc. We launched at 9:00 ish and fished all the way up until 2:00 PM in the afternoon.

Nada. Absolutely nothing! We threw everything at them but for some reason we couldn't get any in the boat. Not even a hit!

Then my buddy Mario (Mas for those of you who know him) calls me to let me know he is on the water at Anderson and that I should meet him over at one of his favorite spots. He immediately pulls out a 2lb+ on a crank bait - it was awesome just to see someone catch something.

Water was clear for about 3-5 feet and my temp gauge read 53.5 degrees.

Good luck in 2012 gents!
I took my girls out the same day and it was kind of slow for Anderson.. We ended up picking some on shot and one on a crank.. Only ended up fishing for like three hours, due to them wanting to go home.. If it stays warm like this, be ready for an early spring...

Set'Em Good
My partner and I got a limit out there a few weeks ago with tubes, jigs, and d shot up close, nothing deeper than 20'. All in the north end on flat little secondary points. That was the South Bay Club Challenge on the 21st, and water temps were 48-49, so I'd imagine theres more fish moving around the banks now.
i was out there saturday for nothing as well.. one dang trout on a crank. tried deep and shallow.