03.03 - Fishing Report

We got on the water at about noon and had the first fish in the boat within the first half hour.

My Dad was on fire - he had four fish in the boat before 4:00 and his biggest was a 4.5 lbs. He caught most of them on nighcrawlers and managed to pull one in on a jig.

I lost two real nice ones in the morning. One snapped my line and the other the knot came out (how? I have no idea). I finally shook off the jinx and pulled in five fish after 4:00. I was working the banks with a jig and they seemed to be pretty active.

Sad story - We saw some guys catch a nice 5+ pounder with a swimbait and instead of releasing it they just threw it in their aluminum boat to cook in the sun.

Catch and release boys.