03/15 fishing in the rain

This is my first time fishing in the rain at the local pond.
I was excited to try my new spinning rod(garcia vendetta MH) so I ignored the bad condition.
The wind changed a lot and the rain dropped half of the time while fishing.
This is a bad idea to test the sensitivity of the rod in this condition I guess. :D
Fished from 4:00 to 6:00pm and landed this 2 pounder.

nice fish
Nice catch!

Looks like you were at the water district, I was gonna head out there also but I just got over a cold and cannot afford to get sick again.
Thanks guys.
It's a local pond in Fremont near Shin pond.
I wish I could fish at water district someday.
I've had some of my best days fishing in the rain. Beats staying home and watching Re-runs of old fishing shows. Haha nice catch!!!
High quality pic. What camera you using?
drewsturrrr wrote:
High quality pic. What camera you using?

It's Canon G9. :)
Dang rolling like a boss!
Nice picture. I was out there at Rainbow for a few casts about 4 pm on the creek trail side, just to see how my new wake bait moves. Were you over by the tennis courts? Just a guess by the sidewalk...I can't see enough of the background to tell for sure. Glad to see you got one =).
It was not the Quarry Lakes. If you checked google map, you can find a small park at the north east end of Shin pond. I haven't done any bass fishing in Quarry Lakes because I doubt if the $5 permit is worthy. I was kinda surprised because I met totally 5 young anglers there while fishing in the rain.