03.25 - Fishing Report

I took the family out on the boat on Sunday and spent most of the day trying to get my son into some crappie with a mini-jig. Nada.

We were back in the south side of the lake and there were about seven bass boats within a 100 yard radius of one another. I guess there's fish back there or something. 8-)

I threw my jig and chatterbait and had only one hit on the jig. Keep in mind that I fished for largemouth for only an hour so this report is somewhat limited.

The water has risen quite a bit the past week. I think that are pumping water in from San Luis and from what I can see it looks like it's clearing up the water a bit. My thermostat also showed a drop in water temp by about 2 - 3 degrees from last Tuesday.
I fished on saturday for about four hours in the morning. I picked up 20+ fish using the shaky head. I fished just past the old boat launch and worked down to the bridge. I also tried the cove across from the boat launch and caught a couple in there.

I fished monday before the rain hit. We fished about eight hours and caught around 20 to 25. The bite has slowed down a little. I did get a nice 3lb13oz that looked like it would go about 5lbs. The mouth was huge but he wasn't real fat yet. I fished in the south end past the bridge all day. I did see larger fish swimming around in the shallows. I think they were getting ready to get on the beds.
What's the technique and rig setup for the shaky heads? To be quite honest, I haven't heard of this setup until recently. Someone told me it gained a lot of momentum on the Tour this year.
It is like a darter head. Reaction innovation sells a one. Basically you have a lead weight attached to a hook. The reaction Innovations type have a screw on head type. This allows you to crew on the worm or plastic you are going to use. Fish it with the wieght keeping bottom contact the worm will float vertical, fish it slow and be ready. Some time they attack it but most of the time I feel a real soft bite. I watch the line a lot as they will pick it up and swim with it.
The shaky heads are generally pretty productive on Anderson. On most lakes they are a big confidence bait for me because I know that I can make em bite it no matte what.
CAbassbuster is right, they were really popular on the tour this last year and because of that I see alot more people throwing it.
I find its more of a numbers bait than a size bait but you do catch some big fish on it.
Im heading out to Woodchoppers this Thurs. Lookin for some Bass n Crappie action. I was out there this past Sunday. Landed a few nice Bass on drop shot with robo worm. Crankbait also worked well. crappie were hittien blk/yellow,red/wht, and green/whte jigs. The crappie are running deep right now. Mini jig with bobber (2.5 ft leader). Let you folks know how it goes.