03.25 - Fishing Report

I made it on the water at about noon today and fished for about five hours. I enjoyed myself the first couple of hours and then it became a battle: Marce vs. Coyote's Infamous Winds.

Not even a nibble today.

Good luck out there...
Man it was BRUTAL out there MARCE!!!!!!!!

Cant beleive we didnt hook up on anything....My arms are so tired from huckin that HUD all day long....I pretty much dedicated myself to that thing yesterday....

I know see how tough its gunna be to land that HUDDIE fish @ the infamous YOTE.....Like you said a while ago its a LOVE/HATE relationship with that lake!!!!!

Its gunna happen soon MARCE I hope you have good luk out there this week...Get all the TIME ON THE WATER this week you can cause next week your a WORKIN MAN AGAIN!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)
fished it today no bass nothen but got a nice trout hahah
FWIW - I've found Coyote to be very attuned to the tables - and it looks like tomorrow and then Friday are in the excellent range after 4pm.
However, there's a good chance of rain then, but the winds should be around 4 to 6 if you don't mind some precip.
I might try some catfish on a second pole if the bass aren't hitting crankbaits or senkos.
Anyone got a tip on cats at Coyote - I'm figuring a slip bob with catfish bait at 6 feet, or otherwise a Carolina off the bottom at 2 feet?