03.29 - 04.01 My Lake Tulloch Weekend!

Ok everyone, this may be a long post since I was on the water for three days.


This past weekend a friend of mine invited me to his place on Lake Tulloch and it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse. We left here on Thursday afternoon and I was on the water by 5:00 p.m.. I immediately headed back to Black Creek and I was surprised to see few things:

  • There was so much vegetation I couldn't throw anything without hooking up with weeds.
  • The Lake water level was VERY low.
  • I never knew the water in that lake was so clear. I could see down about 12 feet.

I had a couple of buddies in my boat that have absolutely no idea how to fish, but I think they were there just for moral support. They also brought some cold beer which was nice of them.

I hooked into NOTHING and I threw EVERYTHING I had. Jigs, crankbaits, senkos, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits. Has I known about the vegetation I would have brought some additional weedless setups.

Day 2

My buddies hit the golf course and I was on the water at 9:00 a.m.. I saw a fallen tree just across the docks I was tied to so I decided to investigate. Sure enough, I saw 3 bass hanging out in this thing and one of them was a nice sized smallmouth. Once again, I threw everything I had - even hit him with my line a couple of times. Not a strike in 2 hours. I decided to work my way back again towards Black Creek but this time I chose not to go so far back and hang out where there is less vegetation. While working my way into one of the coves I noticed an adolescent deer swimming about 10 feet in front of me. Once it landed on the other side it began to call out to the other deer that chose not to swim (I'll get back to this later).

Anyhow, I saw tons of fish but could never get into anything. An hour later I hooked into my first smallmouth. I used a very natural looking jig and even though it wasn't very big, I was ecstatic. Then it hit me - I needed to stick with natural looking colors because of the water clarity and clear skies. I ended up hooking into about 6 more smallmouth that day - it was a good time. I also realized something else, sight fishing is much harder then you think. Subtle movements and staying as far as possible are key. This realization would help me with Day 3.

Day 3

On the water at 10:00 a.m. and while I was warming up the boat, I caught 3 smallmouth off the dock. That's the way to start the day. Once in the boat I immediately made my way over to that tree and stayed as far away as possible. I even chose to cast onto the shore and retrieve my jig slowly as to not make a splash. BAM! That sucker hit my jig so hard and after s little fight, I lost him at the boat. Bummer! But at least I knew what my approach was going to be the rest of the day. I shore casted everywhere. My jig looked like the Terminator when his skin fell off. Hooked up with 6 more smallmouth. Good day, no lunkers, but at least I was onto the fish.

I got off of the water a little earlier than usual to watch the NCAA Tournament and grab some grub.

Like I said before, awesome lake and awesome weekend. I really owe my buddy a bunch of thanks and my wife was kind enough to extend a 4-Day Hall Pass (which was pretty cool as well). 8-)

My brother and my Dad came up late on Saturday Night (Day 3) and did some fishing on Sunday. Unfortunately I couldn't head out since I needed to get some things done back in the Bay Area. They hooked into some fish but nothing really to write home about.

Have fun out there guys and Good Luck this year!