04/09 - good days in the rain - penitencia percs

I've had some good days at perc ponds in the rain. I've had a few at the almaden percs but yesterday it paid off to stop at penitencia on the way home from work. I got there at 6:30pm and left at about 9:30pm.

I started throwing out a shaky head and nothing. At about 7:20 I switched over to a weightless senko and that's when things got good. I moved spots and the first cast with that senko i felt that thump....

Fish on!!!!! 1 second later FISH OFF!!!

I had a leader of 6lbs test on my 14lbs test line. I guess i should had checked it after so many times out but i didn't and there went the fish. Sometimes all we get is one bite so i was extremely crushed by having a fish on then losing it. I tie up again this time directly to the 14lbs line and cast again. Thump..thump...fish on!!! back to back cast i got hit!!!! i pull this guy in and is about a 2 pounder...i have a rapala digital scale but didn't bust it out to weigh this one......i release him and cast again...thump thump....fish on!!! 3 cast three fish hit....i was STOKED!!!....i pull this guy in and weighed him...2.2lbs


i release the fish and continue to fish......didn't get a hit right away this time.....20 minutes later...thump..thump...fish on!!!! i pull this guy in and weighed him as well....2.14lbs


as you can see at this point it was starting to get dark........

i release yet anohter fish and now i'm hella stoked....4 hits in a matter of 30 minutes...fishing the same little bank......i continue to fish the bank and now it's dark....this time i don't feel a thump but just a little resistance....i set the hook....fish on!!!

i fight the fish for a 1 minute or 2 and land him.....a 4.6 LBS !!!!!!! :D i tried to take a picture with my camera phone but there is no light in sight.... >:-( ...@#$%!!!!!!......i wanted to take a pic of the fish but there was no way for me to do so unless i hauled the fish a long ways and i just didn't think it was worth risking injury to the fish......my 2nd biggest fish since i started fishing 4 years ago. The biggest i've caught to date was a 7 pounder out of almaden lake on my birthday 3 years ago.

anyway...i continue to fish the bank and no luck...i fish for another 30 minutes in other locations and nothing.....i go home sweater soaked and all....but.......WHAT A GREAT NIGHT FISHING IN THE RAIN!!!!!!!!
Enjoyable read and pics...thanks for shareing. Keep it up!
those are some nice looking fish good sht man
Right on man...Keep at it...Nice lil post too.....Dont ya hate it ya get a fatty and no camera w/ flash... >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

cool man!

I had a girlfriend up at the top of penetencia right next to ALum rock park, and used to fish the creek all the time for trout. NEVER SEEN THESE PERCs.

But good to know there's more around. I'll have to tell my dad to head out there and try it out.