1/13, Pics

Went out today with the old man after goin to the ISE show yesterday we got the itch. I was very happy to see how much the water had came up, the first dam was doin its job again and the nice little rock pile under it is back in the water. Even a couple of the points I was fishing off of 2 weeks ago are submerged. Anyway long story short, no fish, no bites. The water is stained with about a foot and a half visability and I lost another jerkbait. I also tried a money minnow that I bought at the ISE show yesterday after seeing Dobyns throwing it in the tank during his seminar, it swims very nice and I can throw it on my Jig rod. Also be on the look out for the 6 inch Hudd.
It looked like a nice day to go out. I hope my pop gets his license soon.
how was the show i could go :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Just wait for it to heat up and calero will be DY-NO-MITE. ;)