10/27 Striper

Went out to the north bay to try and get my striper fix in. Launched out of black point at 6: 30. Trolled hair razors the whole time. Went to the pump house first (nothing), then flew over to china camp (nothing), then went back to the pump house (got a nice hit but couldnt hook up). Then out of desperation, decided to head up the petaluma river to catch the beginning of the out going and it paid off. Didnt have a scale but it was pretty solid. Thought i snagged a sting rey until i finally saw it flash. Caught it using a 7' medium heavy and 15lbs test on a citica, lol.
wow thats awsome! I was up in Napa at one of the sloughs off the bank where I usually catch and I got bites but didnt hook up on anything.
Crap! That guy is HUGE! I call photoshopped! [green]

Nice catch dude!
[8|] Nice fish!!!
Very nice! Thats a biggun!

Must have been exciting fighting it on that setup.
Nice catch!!!!
nice catch.

totally fish jealous...

have not soaked any line for weeks now!
Nice!! So when are we going fishin. Lol
Lee S
i'm hoping to go tomorrow afternoon into the evening. not sure if i want to keep my son busy with mackerel @ santa cruz wharf or make the trek to antioch for some stripe action.

he's more inclined to hit the wharf and i prefer the ocean any day, but we'll see.

anyone else have plans to fish this weekend?

Stripes should be all over SP bay right now!!