10/27 - Zmudowski SB

Posting this a week late but went out to Zmudowski last weekend. Got a couple of barred surf perch on Gulp, fish were active 1-2 hours before the incoming high tide peak. Spoke to a couple of other people and they had caught 3 and 1 perch, respectively, and were also on their way out. Lots of seals in the water working their way up and down the beach along the break line. Also doesn't look like the crabs have made their way there yet.
Good job on the perch. Zmudowski is a nice beach, been there only once myself and caught some good sized perch over there.

You use the gulp camo sandworms? That thing is like fish crack....haha.
Yup! 2" Gulp camo is the way to go! But god help you if it springs a leak and the juice gets onto anything, I triple bag it to be safe.