Forum is so slow thought I would post my post Turkeyday outting. Went out with Redd and his Dad on Friday around 1ish. Got to Calero and the wind was howling, almost didnt even launch, but we had a pass from the wives so we went for it. Slow day, none of us even sniffed a bite. Conditions made it tough to fish plastics so attempted some deep crankbaits and swimbaits, and was throwing a jig. Nada. Wind finally died down so fished slow with the dropshot and tried a few other techniques. No fish but atleast out on the water. Water level sure has dropped in the last month.
In conditions like that, when you believe the fish are deep and the wind is blowing you around, I've had some success in the past putting the boat on the upwind side of a point and drifting over it jigging a sinking lipless crankbait on light line just over the point, making contact with the bottom at the point's highest edge at my desired depth, then repeating over slighty shallower or deeper water until I find a fish. Â It's not terribly productive and involves alot of boat movement, but I can usually get a fish or two.

You can also try a carolina-rigged senko, using the same boat positioning, but keeping the boat stationary with the trolling motor as the bait falls on the initial cast. Â The sinker will hang up then pop free as you drift, and as the senko falls a few inches while the slack in your line tightens, a fish might pick it up.

Both are hit and miss techniques, but you might at least get a fish or two if you try them next time under those conditions.
Thanks for the tips. Did try a c-rigged senko for a bit. Probably should have stuck to less presentations and fished them longer instead of switching around as much as I did. Impatient. As for as boat positioning I will have a talk with the driver. ;D
Yeah...I'll have to have a word with that guy. ;D
best bet for this lake at this time of year and around the cold front is draggin baby brush-hogs in 15-25' around points and islands as slow as possible....some some bites are nearly undetected...or the other extreme cranks!!! :D