11/7 Early Morning - South Bay

Hit one of the south bay reservoirs for an early morning session. Walked the shoreline and threw topwater and crankbaits. Not much surface activity until about 60-90 minutes after sunrise, which is unfortunately about the time I had to leave.

Had a big bite on the crankbait near shore right near the end of my session, but it broke me off immediately on the hookset. The line broke near the tip (but not at the tip) so I think I must’ve strained the line at the end of an earlier cast with a minor backlash just enough to cause the breakoff :cry: :crying_cat_face: :sob:

The good thing is I retied another bait on there, threw it back in the same spot, and caught the broken off line and hand-lined my original crankbait back in! That makes me think it was definitely a fish and not a snag that broke me off, since the bait wasn’t stuck on anything. And if that fish hadn’t spat the bait and was still on the line? Hand lining a 5+ lber back? Ohhhhhhhhh will just have to wait until next time!

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Thanks for the report. Were you using mono or braid? I myself definitely have a few spools of line from years ago. Probably should stop using those and change those out for premium lines. Sounds like a great off-season project.

Mono. Trilene mono from Walmart from several years ago. Ton of line twist built in too. Time for a change indeed!