15HP Evinrude (2 Stroke) for sale $550 OBO

Just got this back and overhauled.
Sank over 300.00 into so I can sell it without and issue.
New plugs ,empellor, carbs clean and adjusted.
Just need to sell it.
All work was done by Nelson's Outboard Marine in Prundale ,CA
Looking to get 550.00 for it
Came off a 14 gregor, so it could go on a 12 fter to 16 fter
Must sell I have no use for it now.

Email me misterbreadman@yahoo.com

Sup man....wanna throw that on my boat, we can sell both alot better and split the cost somewhat...
I got no prob helping ya out.
Its a win win for both of us.
Lets do it. Just add my pics to your posts as well, and we can sell em together.
Stay in touch
So lets see them together. Got pic's?

my pics are up... grey.. what ya got for pics
Rippin_Lips wrote:
my pics are up... grey.. what ya got for pics

Mike, its the same aluminum you saw me with a calero a while back. You had ur aluminum at the time.