17' Bass Tracker

17 foot
80 Bass tracker (flat bottom)
50 hp merc with power trim (top speed I have had on flat glassy water was 34 mph on GPS)
Motor guide trolling motor
Two big casting decks (front and back)
I can supply you with 2 deep cycle AGM /gel batteries as well.
I recarpeted both the rear panels and the main base floor, as well the front of the bow last year.
Has a basic Humminbird fish finder on the bow for watching the depth or if your spoon fishing deep water.
Now I have a Humminbird 997 si fish finder as well on the steering console. It alone is worth 1000.00. New they sell for 2000.00.
So Im asking about 2800 with the Humminbird 997si.
I will sell the boat without the fish finder mentioned above too for only 1800.00
Also has a big live well.
Includes Anchor, Trailer, rod holders, 2- 6 gallon gas tanks.
Was tuned up, new empellor. carbs cleaned and adjusted in March (2011).
2800.00 for everything
1800.00 without the humminbird 997si fishfinder.

Motivated To SELL!!
I will deliver up to 100 Miles, just for delivery only.
I will not sell Side Imagining seperately either.

Still for sale...
Just had carbs and throttle adjust Sunday sept 11.
She's a prrrrrring again.
So if anyone looking to get into a great starter boat here ya go.
Fits 2 people perfectly.
Let me know.
dang I want it. perfect size it only i have another G! anyone want to go in half??? Jk.. (:
1800 without fishfinder.
Work some out with your parents to pay them back
Sell a few of your rods and reels you can without.
You can always buy more later.

Just went out to the delta on Wednesday in the boat
And it ran great. Topped out with all my gear and big dog at 31 mph on gps. That was going into the wind and
against the incoming tide too.
Let me know.
It's gotta go
Do you have any photos of the interior? Casting decks, seats?

Thank You,

I sure do. Get them on here shortly. Ty for asking
RobO wrote:
Do you have any photos of the interior? Casting decks, seats?
Thank You,

At your request for the additional pics... hope this helps....
The rear deck measures 63inches wide X 38inches long

The front deck measures 54inches (at its widest point) X 45inches long
and also in the front at its narrowing point it measures
45inches wide...


And the live well pic... can easily hold a limit. There's a partition in the middle of it as well..
There is an arirator as well..
Would you want to trade a pop-up camper? Prob. around same value.
Appreciate the offer but I wanna pay off two things so I can upgrade for next year. Sell your pop up and keys do business.
Really wanna sell !!
man! awesome deal!
$1600 without the 997 ? Lemme know, I can get it tomorrow
Sent you a pm back yesterday in response to your pm's. Lemme know what ya think
Sold to me! Thanks for all the usefull info and tips mike. Great doing business with you
Hey Mike...Take me fishing? Oh never mind, you don't have a boat any more! :D lol

Dude, you just got yourself a fun little boat. I put some nice fish in her over the past few years, and I know Jr. did too. When you go fishin in it next, be sure to wave hello to Mike on shore, as you pass hm by..Bahaha!
I know you will enjoy the tracker, and I want to see it in some pictures with you and your fish!
^thanks man! My fiance doesnt get why im so excited, she keeps saying "we already have a boat whats the big deal" lol. I have nothing but cnfidence in it after dealing with mike and ill be sure to get some pics up of me rippin some lips in it. He got some pics of me driving off with it, i think i saw a tear run down his cheek lol