1959 Dorsett Belmont Sport

Hey All,
I decided to buy a boat, not exactly equipped for tournament bass fishing. I decided to go with a fun project for my first boat, something that needed a bit of work (I like mechanical projects). I found this boat, a 1959 Dorsett Belmont Sport with a 1957 35 hp Johnson Javelin. Here are a few pics. I've cleaned it up a bit, still needs a fuel pump (which I've ordered). I was thinking about retrofitting a trolling motor somewhere on the boat, and custom fitting a fish finder into the dash :)
wow that thing is cherry... nice find
Nice boat man! Just seeing the old steering wheel reminds me of the 240z I had. (the steering wheels that burn the hands in hot weather and cut off circulation to fingers). I miss that car. It was a diamond of a relic like your boat.
Wow!!! I really like it :D I'm surprised that one can find parts for a motor from years ago. Did you have to search alot to get parts? Nice, nice rig there. Did you have it painted?
The fuel pump I needed was easy to find (brand new), they make lots of reproduction parts for older Johnson/Evinrude motors, since they are quite collectible. The previous owner had painted it. I've put in new carpets and touched up some interior paint. I'm going to get a cheap fish finder and mount a trolling motor beside the Johnson. I also plan to build some PVC rod holders and storage cabinets for tackle. Shes given me a lot to do over the past few weeks!