2/23: More Early Season Stripers!!!

Decided to fish the end of the Carquinez Strait (near the I-680 Bridge between Martinez and Benicia). I did some researching online before heading out because I've never fished this area before. I figured that the stripers should be in this area as they are migrating out of the delta into the bay. I did not expect to catch anything and for a while me and my two buddies were thinking we're going to get skunked after not even getting a single hit in 4 hours. Things changed an hour into the outgoing tide when we found some bait jumping by a point that created a back eddy. A school of stripers were staged up there and feeding on baitfish. We casted a bit past the boils and started hooking up like crazy. I was fishing with a Jack TN70, my friend Kevin got his on a 1/2oz 4" Fishtrap swimbait, and my buddy Paul got his on a 4 1/2 inch broken-back Rebel. I ended up with a 3 stripers ("18 incher which was released, and kept a 23.5" and 22"). Kevin caught (a 16" shaker, 19", and 22") and Paul caught the most with 3 shakers and 3 keepers. Paul released all his fish so he didn't measure any of his. Me and Kevin kept our limits. The fights were amazing on LMB gear. We were fishing from approximately 9PM till 3AM. Sucks that I'm a weekend warrior. I gotta wait a week before I can go out again after having to go through the trouble of finding them... ugh. So go get them guys!!!

Here are the tide tables for Benicia the night I fished:

Sa 23 High 12:36 AM 4.8 6:48 AM Set 5:12 AM 90
23 Low 5:54 AM 2.0 5:56 PM Rise 4:13 PM
23 High 11:41 AM 5.3
23 Low 6:47 PM 0.2

Su 24 High 1:09 AM 4.9 6:47 AM Set 5:47 AM 95
24 Low 6:37 AM 1.8 5:57 PM Rise 5:14 PM
24 High 12:22 PM 5.5
24 Low 7:16 PM 0.2

And here's the fish pics - they were taken at home:



YAH Buddy Nice way to find em and nice pics congrats
Great post....thanks for sharing the pic and information.