2/25 report

had the lil bro in town and we hit Calero Monday. Tough condtions, water 52-54, vis 1'-5', post front. So we picked up some minnows as insurance. Tried senkos, cranks, slow roll spinnerbaits, jigs and drop shot and nada. so we hit the live bait and got 6. All in the 2-4# range. Fish were more aggresive than 2 weeks ago and bites were stronger. Still 5-15 feet depth and from shore. Secondary points. We tried in the channels, but still seems to early.

BTW, lake loks awesome already at 75% capacity. Gonna be a great year if the water gets up another few feet. Can't wait for that 61-63 degree mark - not too long now.
where did you get the live bait and how did you set it up??
coyote bait- large and medium minnows. hooked through the nose, #6 hooks, 8# FC line
Dumb question....what's the best way to fish live minnows?? You mentioned the way to set them up, but how are ya sending them out into the big blue yonder? Just wondering different ways people fish minnows...

No problem and good question.

I use a casting rig (2000) size with a 6'6" medium rod. I like to use flourocarbon as it sinks and keeps the bait down.
I flyline it, just cast it out to my targets and let it sit. Once I feel the bait stop moving I will pop it off the bottom to get it moving again. Once the fish comes after it, I open the bail and let them run a bit and then set the hook. anywhere from 2-5 seconds depending on the conditions/bite. Some people use floats/bobbers to keep trackof the bait as well. I like to just have the hook and have had better action that way. The smaller the hook and line, the more realistic the minnow action.

pretty simple really, just cast it out and let the minnow do the work.

I try not to let them get too far into weeds, brush and trees.

Hope this helps.