2 pc Heavy action rod?

Anyone know of any 2-pc heavy action casting rod? Probably this is kind of odd spec. No custom rod because my budget is $100-$150. Broken rods due to big fish don't count. :D

Edit: It turned out Cabela's have 2-pc and 4-pc travel rod in H action. 4 is better.
I am thinking about trying places that I need to hike up a hill or two. What other choices are there? Anyone used 4-piece Cabela's rod?
I use a 4 pc St.Croix Triumph Rod for travel and hikes. Works great and it's even below your price range. Guess i paid 89 bucks for it at basspro, if they still have it. And I'd prefer a St. Croix to a Cabelas, no offense to cabelas tho :)

Thanks Swiss. Unfortunately I need casting rod and doesn't look like they make casting version. ;(
The only HEAVY action travel rod I know about is the one Charkbait has designed/built for them -


It's a 4 piece and built like a tank but about twice your budget ;(
Thanks, blckshirt98.

Since you mentioned the they were twice my budget, you are thinking about their offshore rods? I am looking for a rod for bass fishing. Heavy action offshore rod is totally different kind of animal.

I since found Bass Pro and Browning have 3 piece travel rod.

http://www.basspro.com/Browning-Fishing ... uct/52901/

Does Browning make decent rods?