2 questions

I've got a couple questions:
1. what is anyone/everyone's/your favorite technique for catching numbers of fish from the shore?
I know that the drop shot is a great technique but for me it is difficult to get the right vertical presentation from the shore, especially at the local reservoirs and lakes that have relatively slowy dropping banks.
2. does anyone know where I can find a depth map or chart for any of the local reservoirs/lakes? Do these even exist?

feel free to answer whatever part or parts of this you want

Senko would be a good one. Maybe lenghten up your dropshot tag end. It's not always a vertical preso :D

Can't help you on the second one.
A few years back I looked into getting some maps for the local reservoirs. If I remember correctly, they had them at the SCVWD (Santa Clara Valley Water Dept). I think at the office on Almaden Expwy. They were asking $5-10 for each. I was too lazy to go in plus I'm pretty familiar with the reservoirs I was interested in so I never picked any up. I'm not sure how old or accurate they are.