20 best Hockey Goals

I wouldn't say the best ever ut some good ones there. I have seen some far better than most of those. Ovechkin this year for one. Jagr has some to be talked about. Thats just a few. It was nice they had Nolans goal when he called the shot and the Michigan goal, I remeber that and when I use to play roller hockey around that time, I would use that goal often.
ummm...no gretzky? [8|]

That song has got to go too.
LOL, come on jerbs you know you workout to that song in your mesh tank top and head band. :D
haha....don't forget the razor sun glasses and LA pumps! lol
LMFAO! lol
Yeah the song bites and they are all not that great , except that michigan one sweeeeetttt.. [8|] [8|] ...............jerbs in what ??????LMAO:D :D :D mesh tank top and head band. (8-| (8-| (8-| (8-|

you alll wait till you see the sharks and there awesome goals coming your way to a tank near you....................GO SHARKS
I grew up playin hockey on the lakes in AK. Played for 13 years then started skateboarding and everything else that comes along with that. lol Don't really follow it much more anymore except for the occassional sharks game, they are pretty awesome.

I think most of you older dudes would be more then guilty of wearing some of the stated gear.... [8|] lol
Older Dudes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mesh tanks no lol angel flights yes [8|] way back in the day