2008 - On the Board (Sort of)

Finally dusted off the boat and redid all the gear. Cleaned up all the tackle and got organized.

We picked up some minnows and crawdads and hit up Calero (also caught some salamanders). We tried the artificials for awhile with no luck. Tried about 20 presentations. Sunday afternoons are tough after everyone gets around right?

Anyway, we bailed out and cheated with the live bait. I got 2 and my partner on the back had 3 for about 15# total. All later in the day - 2 came between 5 and 5:05 and we were off the lake at 5:10. All on minnows in 10-15' and about 10' from shore. Outside points. They didn't hit real hard of course, but they fought well.

Had the water at 53 degrees and maybe 2-3 feet visibility. water is creeping back up so we could get back into the coves.

Quick Note - After thinking about fishing the live salamander, remembered it may be illegal. After checking DFG website it was confirmed.

Very excited for prespawn, should be a great year with the water back up. See you out there - Mike (White champion, red stripes, 175 merc)
Why is it illegal to use the salamanders? Are they afraid of an invasion?
Congrats Hanson! I can understand not wanting to fish live bait, but seriously needing to catch a bass! Thanks for the great information...depth, water temp. etc.
fishn with live bait isnt cheaten fishn is suppose to be fun and if you have to use live bait to catch fish and have fun then i think why not hahaha sometimes i use both like he did somedays its all that works
Great post, Calero is and always will be on of my favorite spots.

Nice work my friend... see you on the water soon.

you know i have never caught a bass on live bait weird but never have.
I caught one once on a live bluegill
Yep, live bait is fun . Also, I like to use it to figure out where the fish are and what they are doing as well. For example, I was thinking they would be all over the crawdads this time of year, but no takers.

Thought sharing the "research" would be good for all.

Not sure why certain baits are illegal to use, but if the DFG says it's illegal then you risk the fine. I know they banned crickets awhile back for a few (can't remember the details) reasons. We used to use salamanders as live bait 15-20 years ago when it was legal. Hopefully they have smart people and have the best possible bass population in mind.

see you out there - tight lines
ya caught some huge bass on live blue gill