3/22 Calero

I went out to Calero with my buddy and arrive at the lake by i say 8:15 or so, and launched our toons by 9 i think. It was great weather for fishing early, but wind started to pick up around 11-12. The fishing was slow for us i only managed to catch one and my buddy got skunked. My 2008 first fish of the year is a JIG fish! HELL YEAH!!! it was tighttt! but it was only a dink 1lber haha. oh yeah and i won $10 because we bet to see who gets first and biggest fish. He got skunked i got a fish so it makes me a winner! ;D So we fished a little bit longer and decide to kick across back to launch ramp and fished around there for a little bit before we decided to call it a day. I dont know how else the others did, but there was quite a few bass boats on the lake yesterday.