4-5 Report

Banking it with my dog, Blue, this past Sat morning at one of the local smaller reservoirs. Worked points n cover for about 15 min when BAM. Pulled in this monster off of an isolated weed patch. Didn'tget a weight but he measured out to 24.5 in. Big baits = Big fish
Nice one !!!
Nice bigun! Looks like a 6lb monster huh. That's the S-waver isn't it. I have one of those and have yet to get a chance to use it. The action on those are really cool though
Very nice bass! If she was 24.5" then it went at least 8lbs. Maybe as much as 11lbs if she was a girthy gal.
Nice rod and bass! My friend has a low down customs too, I think the same one
I just got the S-waver 200 the day before n thought I'd test it out. Got this one and another decent one around 5lb. Yeah, the LDC xh custom is a sick stick for swimbaits. Loads up really nice. Really recommend it to any hardcore swimbaiter. I'll be out again this Friday at that spot so if anybody wants to roll, pm me.
Nice one! Guess I need to spend more time with swimbaits rather than sticking with only jigs.