4/6 Trout fishing

Haven't posted a report in a while, but had the day off on Friday so I decided to try my luck with some trout at Quarry Lake. Got on the water by 7 and within few minutes I get a good takedown, I grab the rod and set it but its already gone. Few minutes later, I see my rod bend over again, I quickly grab the rod and it feels BIG and starts peeling out line like crazy. I'm thinking that I either have a monster trout or a bass on the line because it started to pull me towards it. I fought it for a good 5-6 minutes and finally, it surfaces...a black bird what look to be a juvenile cormorant. But it wasn't my lure that got him, the lure snagged onto a bunch of line people had thrown out which was wrapped around the bird's neck. So I calm the bird down by grabbing it with my hoodie and untangle the line off its neck and let it go on its way.

Another 30min later, I get another takedown and this time, its a trout, a 15", then shortly after another 16". Rest of the day, caught 2 more dinky dfg planters which I released, and lost 2 good ones. Great day on the water, too bad the crappy weather is rolling in again.
nice fish, goonch.

if you weren't wasting all that time twiddling your thumbs, you coulda' had a few other fatties! LOL
haha I know...I missed out on some good strikes gettin' medicated.
Toss your trash line in the trash or put it in your pocket and throw it away later guys.