5-6 TO 5-8 camping trip at bullards bar

had a wonderfull experience at bullards bar over the weekend.the camp sites at dark day are great lots of shade and room. we fished 3 days all half days from 6 to 11:30am had the family with me..... the fishing was awesome and im writing this report hoping that some of you guys can get out there and experience the biggest spots in cali. the first day we had 22# next day over 25# and the last day a cold front came in and we ended up with about 18# still a nice sack. most all fish came in 25-35 feet of water suspended in deep trees right next to the channel. fish were caught on numerous baits but mostly wacky rig and swimbaits. hope to get out there again soon its addicting. good luck out there..
couple more pics
Oh My God. I want to try there hella bad. Hopefully I can get out there soon. Good Job man
Very cool nice thanks for sharing!!
Nice job brad!!! we gotta talk to ron about that clear lake trip we need to do!!!
nothing but footballs..... great job... now I know what I missed last month, by not going to the Bullard's Bar Tourney....

Bullards spots are insanely fat fish. The water has come up another 20 feet since the 16th when I fished there for a 23lb sack. Completely changed my bite too, but its still there obviously. My buddy had 26lbs there 2 weeks ago topped by a 6.5. Finding the big spots in one day isn't the best shot, but if you have a few days, it can be unreal.
thanks everyone, im ready to go back!!!!
nice fish. looks like theres plenty of forage in the lake because those fish are fat and healthy.
gotta love them spots.
Might have to fish this place this year, for my first time. Looks pretty good!
its only about 50 miles longer than going to Clear Lake......
thanks for the great report. i went there for the first time last summer, it would be nice to hit it in the spring!