8.6lbs Pulled out 3/23

Well my buddie Gene(Bassmann1057) just bought a new boat and called me and a couple of other buddies up this Sunday to do a lil FUN FISHIN......

And boy was it a day.....Was Glass for a while when we got there @ OPEN.... Lots of dude pre-fishing for the Anderson Tourney!!!!! We had 6 guys out and 3 boats.....

Ther BITE was on out there tooo....Normal DINK FEST!!!!! But on of our buddies did manage to PULL OUT AN 8.6!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :o :o :o :o

Was crankin some "ROCKS" ;) ;) My buddie calls us up and say's get your @$$'$ over hear and check out this PIG Josh landed!!!! He said the weight to us on the phone and I was like NO WAY BS...8.6 outs Anderson ::) ::) ::)

SURE ENOUGH!!!!!! Didnt actually get to see her as we pulled up right as they released it...They did take PLENTY of PIX and a lil VIDEO of it....This thing had a mouth big enough to fit 2 fists in there...Will definately be a DD in a couple weeks.....

Any way me and my other bud Cabassbuster21 landed about 25 fish all dinks, I was gettin CAPPED on cause i missed like 20 fish my HOOK SETS we HORRIBLE!!!!! Plus I havent fished FINESSE in a while kinda lost my touch on that!!!!!

Any whoooo thats the story...Was a BEAUTIFUL DAY out there by the way....Hope Gene will post pix of that bad BOI!!!!!! :D 8-)

The bite is defintely on at Anderson. Hey Jr, i got ur call the other evening. I tried to get bak to ya...u probably had no signal out there. Im gonna hit up Uvas on Thursday fosho... ;) ill give u a hollar. I've been there 3 times last week havent got skunked yet!!1 ;) Jiggin it bro.. ;) give me a call.