A few hours on the water

11:30-2:45 Friday, water temp 56. Got my "5" and got off the water, largest 4.5-5lbs.. Fish stuck between 20-30ft.. They wanted "Hamburger" today...

Set'Em Good
set em good ,
your a crack up , I guess you didn't remember your last post .
Marce had to lock the post because of someone's comments about you saying your catching them on hotdogs??? Now it's hamburger?? WTF
Why don't you use the website for what it's intended , tell people how. what and where.
learning and teaching about bass fishing is what this site should be used for?
I guess your worried that somebody will learn what your actually doing and catchy a few bass???????
If we all practice catch and release why would it matter?
tight lines , or should I say happy hamburgering,'
Yeah, what does he mean by hamberger? lol
set' em good and i have be fishing this lakes in the south bay for years and seen the size and numbers of fish go down and down.
Back in the day we never posted at all do to more and more meat eaters/ fisherman
In saying that Its nice to know that you can sill catch some nice fish at this lakes in the winter time
If we post about the hotdog or hamburger the numbers and size will go down and down (meat eaters can read too)
It takes time and money to be good bass fishing so think out side the box and you can catch nice fish too.
good luck fishing
Old Dude,
I used to post allot and with allot of detail.. As many found out these lakes are way to small, with too many people, so posting my exact technique/bait is not in my best interest. I let you know the depth, water temp. and time of day, should be enough.. People that see me on the water usually get info as they usually share info as well.

I remember a couple times we had the water too ourselves and posted something, came the next weekend and there were people shoulder to shoulder. Again not in anyone's best interest, as I notice allot of others not posting anymore for the same reason.

The last half of my post was deleted last time because some guy posting was a D-Bag and did not know how to control himself in a civil manner.

About the catch and release portion, NO everyone does not catch and release. I have seen people KILL allot of fish from even what is suppose to be contaminated water ie. bay area lakes. They don't care about the future fisheries and with the amount of people in this bay area these lakes could be fished out very fast. You should see them at the delta taking everything they can, pouching and selling them on market.

Double cheeseburger, no ketchup....

Set'em Good
No ketchup must mean no sent? lol
set em , caphab,
if your intent to post and describe your lures in that manner was to protect the fisheries that we all should love and respect , and keep the numbers solid for all of us , then let me offer my apololgy.
I am total agreement with not letting ANYBODY take fish out of these lakes and use them for food.
For people to eat these bass is both ignorant and irresponsible.
The DFG should spend more time "managing " these lakes and concentrate of what really brings in people to buy a fishing liscense , IT's BASS fisherman above all other species available.
My apologies if my comment was an issue.
I think I might be more careful in posting any success.
AND for some dam reason I want a hamburger.
tight lines ,
I disagree with both setemgood and oldman. I say let us all pull our resources together (money, fish-conservation mentality, fisheries-bioligists knowledge, etc.) and expand our fisheries by convincing DFG and all the other folks like Hillary Clinton, Osama, Obama, & Yo Mama that we can make things happen by......................hmmm, never mind I lost my train of thought, sorry!!! Hehehehehe.
I don't really understand the whole "if I tell you what bait I used the meat eaters will empty the lake" mentality. First of all just because you found fish on that day with that bait doesn't mean it will work tomorrow the same way. That gets proven every day. Second, if this site becomes a place where you need a Captain Crunch Decoder Ring to figure out what people are talking about it's also useless. Rob has posted the exact techniques he used to catch the biggest bass in Calero (Spinnerbaits, weedlines, etc) and somehow I haven't been able to duplicate what he did, so the big fish are stil safe from me using that technique.
Third, I have seen many of the "meat eaters" on Calero and they are almost to a person using live or cut bait to catch their fish. I've yet to see anyone with a $40,000 Bass Boat and thousands of dollars in equipment using finesse techniques to catch and kill the LMB in Calero.
I've been fishing my whole life on my own, with professional guides and in places teeming with fish and if I had a nickel for every time someone said "You should have been here yesterday, we were killing them with this bait, technique, etc" then I would have a whole pocket full of nickels.
Anyway, you guys are always free to post or not post whatever you want. I just don't believe that posting that you caught 5 fish on a black and blue jig in 20 feet of water on Tuesday morning is going to fill the lake with fisherman or empty the lake of fish. It also bugs me when these conversations convince a guy like Rob who always shared so freely to reconsider what he's posting because of the idea that someone might get a hold of that information and catch all the fish. If it were that easy we'd all watch a Kevin Van Dam video, see how deadly that chartreuse black back 1.5 square bill crankbait is and retire off our tournament winnings.
didn't mean to offend anybody. most likely I will post what's working and whats not. If set' em doesn't feel like sharing the details due to his concern for the fishery , I understand . I also understand your points.
If it is that easy to catch bass , especially big bass , everybody would be doing it.
I also have big concerns for the direction ALL of our fisheries are headed. The DFG are idiots and have ZERO concern about the bass populations in our lakes . If all the "meateaters" had their way , they would take every single fish they catch , no matter the size , no matter the quantity. I have personally seen one particular fisherman at Calero , limit his catch , pass it to his wife in a fish basket in her car , she drives off with the limit of fish , then he goes back to fishing. A month later , he couldn't understand why the fish in the cove next to the ramp at Calero weren't biting ?? He had personally wiped out an entire area of good fishing??
What should be done??
Please don't misunderstand me. I certainly wasn't offended by anything you posted. I just enjoy your openness on the forum and didn't want to see you pull back because of the fear that posting too much information would contribute to the depletion of our fisheries.
Most of the people who I have seen take fish out of Calero were taking crappie and carp of all things and they usually are fishing bait. It's actually sad that times are so tough that people need to eat fish from places that outright post the high mercury content and warn against eating the fish.
I'm lucky enough to have a good job and it pains me that I pay a ton of taxes that don't seem to go to the things that matter to me in this state. If anything the services that I use get cut back more and more every year. Maybe some of the other counties have it right. When I fish Del Valle or Chabot there is an extra fee to fish, but they use that money to stock trout and catfish that people can catch and eat and less people take the bass home in those lakes. I don't want to pay even more money to fish, but I see people taking monster trout out of Del Valle and I know that the fish aren't poison and they aren't killing the fishery. Santa Clara County is pathetic in how our resources are managed. Even when they do stock trout they do it in a place like the Campbell Perk ponds instead of Calero, Anderson, Coyote or Steven's Creek which would benefit the bass population. Of course that doesn't fix the mercury levels...