A lifetime treasure: PB

It was foggy on the night of the 14th arriving at the water and the break of dusk. The mist was rolling in but visible to see the path to the spot where we would hunt for the monsters... Not cold nor windy was an advantage to endurance to outlast the weariness of physical strength. Casting out into the unknown without the tool of sight and relying on the ears and touch that god has given I keyed into to passionate drive of striking gold. hours past and moral fading as only infants and toddlers were being caught off a red demon jumping off the boulders of the sea. I sent out my go to servant which always excells my expectations. It was 3am and first came a thump to the stick in my hand and then a montorious thundering bend. With the reaction to bind the creature I sent the stick in the opposite direction. Following a smash like a bomb being set off I angered the beast making it show its wrath flying out of the dwelling place into its 3rd dimension. The spool screech with a zing and following Hallelujah! After and tense duel I had been victorious! After a brief restoration and rehab the monster went back to where it came from.
nice fish andrew... but no offense this isnt english class.
wanted to make a novella!

Nice fish and nice writing!!! :D
Where did you fish?
Nice fish Drew! You deffinetly have a knack for the dramatic, but with all those writing skills you forgot to mention how much that pig weighed! Congrats and can't wait to read the sequel!
42inches about 30plus pounds lol
Edgar Allen Poe sturrrr
Ender wrote:
Where did you fish?

I wanna know too...
Good Job Kid
TritonBassRipper wrote:
Good Job Kid

thanks tim [green]

ps I caught it in hellyer lake
SOLID FISH MAN. I cannot wrap my head around u catching that at the Santa Clara County "puddle" on the east side of SJ ?!?!? You have got to be kidding me....that fish would eat everything in that pond within a week, resulting in starvation.....regardless where u got it, nice fish.
he was just kidding about it being in hellyer lake... its at a spot near tracy... secret spot :)
is your secret spot called "the delta"? i've heard of that place...
nope... lets just say its not delta or the ocean but ive already said enough lol lol
That smile says it all .... nice post way to start 2011
awesome catch and good one you for puttin her back