A stupid question about braided line

I just bought a spool of braided line(30lb) and found out it is really strong.
My question is, what tool do you use for cutting the line?
I tried normal scissors and the clipper but they can't trim the line beautifully.
[red] I know it's a silly question.
Look on Bass Pro or tacklewarehouse for braided line scissors. Extra Sharp.
tweezerman scissors or tri shear from coyote bait
Thanks for the inputs. :)
I will check it up.
A very sharp knife like a Swiss army will work well too albeit a bit more dangerous. Work the line to an angle so the blade slices it better. This method also works with plier/wire cutters. those cheapo plastic snippers by eagle claw are bad and break. Best to get a good scissor.
braided line is super hard to cut.
i got some 3.99 braid shears from tackledirect that are holding up well. they're serrated.

i think rapala or berkeley makes some too but i've seen them go for 12 bucks or something.

a note on scissors: they'll dull in time if you're cutting braid. it's rough on scissors and knifes.