What a weekend!!! ended up fishing the ABA tourney sat with about 45 other boats. Weather was nice and so was the bite!!! We ended up with 39.38# for 5. BF was 9.86# All fish were caught deep crankin mid lake in 10-20 ft. The fish seemed to be on the humps near big flats in the prespawn stage.
few more pics. Thanks to my partner ill Will for joining in on the fun!!! Hes a stick!!!
Congrats man! You did one hell of a job!
Way to get those Clearlake slabs, Brad!

You throwing those new Strike King 10XD's? lol

What did you place? And what was the winning weight?
Congrats on the 1st place Brad. Just killin it everytime you go there huh?
congrats , nice pics of the fish AND the kids ,
you kill em at that lake on cranks .
tight lines ,
Dude!!! Absolutely amazing! I look forward to your posts every time. Congrats!
Thanks a bunch!!!! we did end up in first. there was alot of big sacks that day. most teams caught theres on A rig in the north end. Its a day i wont forget unbelievable. Had the near 40# at 7:30 am. we had 8 hours left in the tourney to try and cull. we caught plenty more but none bigger. Did have many followers comin right to the boat that were 8-12# but they didnt commit.
WOW. Thats all folks !!! Those fish are as big as your kids !!! WOW what a day for sure !! Congrats and thanks for sharing aweso,e stuff right there !
Impressive. Congrats on your 1st place.
very healthy fish.. fattened up for the spawn for sure...
congrats to the bay area team that took care of bizzzznesssss
glad our local guys won
Nice man.
Way cool Brad... And even more awesome that the kids are out there with ya too! Way to go guys!
Congrats! Killed it again!