Alamden Fishing (2012)

Been a while since i posted, thought i put a post up to show im still around. Fishing has been good, and here r some from Mid to Late january! caught cranking..See u guys out there and tight lines!
Awsome maybe i can go there this week end or calero.
Calero going tp be good!!
Those are some nice fish! Good work bro.
Very Nice.... :D :D :D
Did you fish on the Almaden or Winfield side? I was there 2 weeks ago and the water was hella low.

What crankbait did you use? I was using Rooster tails and worms but nothing =(

Nice looking fish!
I went to almeden today (2/21) Got out there a little later than i wanted to. I threw a lipless crank, a spinner bait and a neko rig senko. NOTHING. ;( Oh well, there is allways next time.
Kvd SquareBill 2.5, trevor was that u today with the red tacklewarehouse shirt
Yes it was me chris!! :)
Havent done this in a while, but just showing how theres still fish at almaden lake.
nice fish!
Dang....I never catch fish there....
Going to try and get out there this afternoon. Fridays after work is my time to go. I've only been fishing the BLUE pond behind the Assisted Living place no luck, but have seen some nice fish crusing around in aobut 3 ft of water. Any other suggestions?

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heading there now!