almaden 03/31 - report

Went out to Almaden about 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Hit this guy on my first cast on a green pumpkin/brown jig with a beaver trailer


after that .....nothing.....i did see a few guys walking the banks looking for bedding bass but by the time i got there it was to windy to see any bedding bass....

When i pulled up to the parking lot there was a guy leaving with a 20-30 pound catfish. That thing was HUGE!!!! I didn't know there were cat fish that big in there and I wouldn't think of eating one out of there even if i did hook one.....but to each their own.... lol

Anyway, it got really windy so i took off but i've never seen the water so clear close to shore before at this lake. I'm talking only about to like 10 feet out but this place is always murky.
Nice! I have seen some carp jump in there that it looked like I was on a whale watching trip.
Nice thanks for sharing.
nice fish dude lol lol
It's a fun place. I've only been twice and i live about 5 minutes away. Working from home tomorrow so i may need to take a long lunch. :D I need to try fishing the 2 ponds closest to almaden expy.