Almaden and Anderson?

Hey, looking to head out early before class starts tomorrow, got until about noon-ish.

Last time I was out at anderson it was really muddy and no luck. I've never been to almaden, looking to try it.

Any reports/suggestions on spots @ almaden or any other lakes to try?

Also, low on cold weather bait right now :( only have a couple deep diving crank baits and a 1/2 ounce jig lol but I'm looking to hit it tomorrow as I have the time.

Thanks all help appreciated

-edit- Is almaden open 24/7 or 8am like most? also any fee to park etc?

Almaden lake or resevoir?
I was thinking lake but I'm open to reservoir as well.
Almaden Lake has some bites right now towards the Coleman side.

I lost a huge bite and other members had good luck on cranks.
Almaden lake nodda thing last wednesday well it was friggin cold in the early AM
Gonna hit up almeden tommarow, hopefully I can get something.
Gonna be cold in the AM brings some gloves
Lost one on a drop shot...
Caught my first of 2013 today!!!
almadenbassmaster wrote:
Caught my first of 2013 today!!!

Congrats, almadenbassmaster.
Thanks Loop Dad , its been a while ;))
Went Anderson yesterday (2/16) in the afternoon. I caught 2 (first few fish of the year for me) my bro got 1. And our buddy got 1. Most fish where caught fishing slow. Went to almeden today (2/17) with a friend of mine, he caught a little goby. I didn't get a single bite. Everybody around us was catching fish [red]
Where abouts were you fishing at Ando? And what type of bait?(color, weight, rig?)