almaden and oakridge pond fishing vid...

heres the vid chris (bluegillmaniac657) made of us when we went out to almaden and the oakridge ponds...... we used brush hogs casting onto rocky banks and wood cover..
hope you guys enjoy
we would also like to acknowledge nathan chavez and adam for letting us get some great footage of them
Good job guys and I like your C&R technique! Videos make me want to drop what I'm doing and head straight for the water. Thanks for sharing. lol
no problem bassnflip.. just wait me and chris will be getting some more great footage and post it up soon....
tight lines,
wow that place shows a lot of love! good job!
damn good jobb man, me and my bro gotta go watch you guys fish for some tips hahaha
ya definetley if you and ur bro wanna come out with us feel free to pm mee... that also fir all other sjbass members
Cool. Thanks man. Me and my bro will be out there again tomorrow. prob 9,or 10-1. and again in the evening if my bro doesnt get all pissed from not catching chit lol I prefer the evenings my self haha Were the two big mixican's haha dont be alarmed lol
We did run into a guy today who said he post here but hasnt been on in a while.
i cant make it out tomorow cuz i got school, but maybe sunday...???
Sweet! :) vid man, it makes me want to go find that pond! lol
thanks man ur video was great too!!the calero one got me pumped up!!we need to fish together sometimes
thanks jason,, ya and you should try that pond its great fishing...! and anytime you wanna go out hit me up and we will go.
tight lines,
Jason Borofka wrote:
Sweet! :) vid man, it makes me want to go find that pond! lol

or you could take us on your boat lol lol jk
wen out skunked... hows fishing been fo u guys?
nicholas.trinh wrote:
wen out skunked... hows fishing been fo u guys?

Me and my bro went out thursday and skunked... Saw about 6 fat mofos swimming around though just couldnt get em to bite...

I cant go tomorrrow i have a car club gtg to hit up so ill be busy there tomorrow.
ya cant go out tomrow either got football practice
Nice video bro, looks like fun !
thanks nathan,
p.s. that was a nice fish!!!!