almaden empty

ok so almaden was the only lake around that was still full well guess what its no anymore... me and my buddy drove by it yeasterday to go fish a pond next to it and almaden was full at like 8 then when we drove home at like3 the water was down like 6 foot!!! a guy told us they eather took out the dam or fixed it haha
The SCVWD removed the flashboard dam down the river in preparation for this storm. I am sure it dropped 6 feet just by removing that dam and they probably released more water down the fish ladder.
Will that send the bass even deeper?
Will that send the bass even deeper?

Possibly...The water will be a cold stained mess for days. Not to mention all of the floating debris coming in from Los Alamitos creek. All of this should make for some great fishin. ;D
ya im goen out there today im gunna throw a carp pole out and a bass pole with minnows out so we will see
haha yeah and what did we catch? nada. when i get my toon we'll go fish the island
haha thats cause you never catch anything :P im still two up on ya!!! lol