Almaden Lake Bass report for past week with pictures

Fished daily for the past week. Only fishing 1 - 3 hours each outing. I'm really stoked to report that I've been on fish. Winter fishing is tough and I'd much rather power fish! I recommend power fishing - Jerkbaits/cranking/blades anywhere on lake during warming trend (I know, cold fronts coming >:-( ) when they're active. Hint: very small window when they're actively feeding! During normal, slower times, like others, I'm throwing jigs and plastics. The lakes been heavily pressured during weekend, but week days have been pretty good.

Thanks to the folks walking by for taking the pictures, and for my fishing buddy Paul in helping me find patterns and eliminating water! You'll probably guess where I'm catching them based on background of pictures.

I haven't carried my scale, but as you'll see there's some very nice kickers coming out! I've been fortunate enough to catch 3-5 daily and the pictures are of what I guess are 3+ Lb. fish. A couple over 5 :D

Best advice I can give you is get as much time with a lure in the water as possible. Tight lines!
BTW, I'll post a separate note about the possibility and public community discussion about LAKE ALMADEN BEING FILLED IN DUE TO POLLUTION - I'M NOT KIDDING! RANGER CONFIRMED THE POSSIBILITY. I can't believe they're considering this...OK, I'm done with my rant.

I hope this helps the folks trying to get on fish and thanks to other members for sharing their fishing reports too.
Very nice 1Bassmaster. I've never fished Almaden, but I guess I need to try, if I get a chance. (Haven't fished for 3-4 weeks :( )
Thanks Loop_dad. I grew up fishing this lake since it was a quarry. It's an awesome, and sometimes frustrating fishery! BTW, I also caught a small steel head/ Rainbow trout while throwing a deep diving crank this past week.

Good luck on the water, I hope you're able to get out soon!
Nice, and I DO know those spots, thanks to finally walking a 360 around the entire lake. Looks like you're on the money.
Man, haven't fished Almaden in a couple weeks and this is whats happenin? I need to get out there! haha
great report bassmaster and yea the bite has been a small window with most my fish also caught around the same time period, interesting to hear about the idea of filling in the the lake, probably steelhead have something to do with this as well.