Almaden Percs - 04.12

Hey gents, I took my son and labrador out to the Almaden Percs on Sunday for a couple of hours of fishing.

First cast with the trusty drop-shot yielded a 2.0 pounder that put up a pretty good fight for my son...


And then my lab, who normally isn't into the water decided that it was time to get wet. I don't think I could ever keep her out of the drink from now on. She had more fun than my son and I combined...


Water was pretty clear, and there were some people sight fishing there.
Excellent!! lol And that's what it's all about sharing great fishing adventures with future generations of bass fisherman/women. Thanks for sharing
Looks like you had some fun Marce. How old is the Lab? Is she fixed? Bassman1057 may be looking to breed his pup. I would be looking my self but mine seems to have a problem with a nut dropping. The pups we have are almost two. If you are intrested give Bassman a call I know you got his number.
They don't mind the dogs in the water there? I am always looking for another area to go, they don't like it to much at coyote if the dog gets wet. I took mine once last year and fishing a frog, a few cast later the dog comes flying by me and swimming he went. The funny thing was he was only about 1 at the time and never had to really swim in the water, the boat was in about 25FOW at the time, I thought I was going swimming to but he made it to the shallow water and I was able to get him back in.
Awesome pictures. Did your son out fish you? :D
awesome dude!!!!
I was out in the eveneing about 5ish and saw a lot of folks fishing with kids, and a black lab swiming with fish. You must have been earlier..didnt see your pups.

I got skunked, but I did see a big ass fish jump over in the 2nd to last pond next to the island. It was easily 10lb. assuming it was a carp.

your kid outfished me again.