Almaden Res 2/22

Went back to Almaden res around 3pm. Started throwing the old trusty crankbait and the first cast I get smacked again. This one went 4lb 13oz. I didn't get bit again so I switched to a DD22 to get deeper. On one of the casts I grab what feels like some weeds or something and when I get it to shore my crankbait has old fishing line hooked to it. I didn't want to leave it so I started pulling it in and when it got close to me I saw that I snagged the Lucky Craft pointer that I broke off on Sunday! It must have broke half way up the line. What a good day!
Nice fish!

Just curious.. what crank bait did you use? I'm new to artificial lure fishing so just wanted to know what you guys use at our local ponds/lakes in San Jose.

Awsome!! :)
I have been using a Norman Deep Baby N in the dark violet shad color.