Hit Almaden lake this afternoon right afterwork yes sir,it is getting to be ripe
Found a male gaurding a little bass crib , threw the sink at him 40 some odd min later
Bam BAM Fish ON ,,, nice 3.5 it was really nice , had a father and son tossing nightcrawlrs next to me , the little boy comes slowly over to me as i bring the bass in , the look on the little guys face wow, i asked him he wanted to hold the fish he must of been like 4 or 5 , he nodded his dad was looking on, i showed him how to hold the fish support the belly , thumb in the mouth, the look on that little guy was priceless..i got his dad to pop a quick snap of my fish , he told me his boy was always watchin fishin on t.v and wanted to come out the lake to go fishin,, hopefully he keeps that smile and the fish
he was holding leads to another great Bass fisherman
Nice WTG! Wish I could see a picture of the boy smiling holding a bass.