i went out yesterday and didnt get a bbite i fished the ponds behinde pioneer high school and the water company is there more ponds around here i allways jhjave good luck behinde dennys i wanna try somthing new
i've never fished behind denny's...i might have to hit that up....

Perc ponds on coleman
Perc ponds by Denny's
Almaden Lake
Water District Pond

after that would be would be calero, chesbro, uvas, almaden quick silver, and guadalupe reservoirs...nothing least that i know of....

anyone else know or other urban spots???
dennys Image
sorry about the pic
Seldom thought of but Vasona also holds bass, catfish and giant carp.
Thats a sick ass fish bro.. nice catch!!! what did it weight in at ? You catch it on that swim bait I see in the pic.?
it was a good one i dont have a scale so im not sure yes wallmart swimbait what is a good scale to get i need one