Almeden or Oakridge?

I might go fishing this weekend, and im gonna try a different approach. So...Almeden or Oakridge?
Do both!!
^what he said
almadenbassmaster wrote:
Do both!!

Nah! Im gonna stick to 1, not both. lol
I dont plan to go there...I WISH! Almeden or Oakridge?
lake champlain
Are you guys trying to screw with me? lol
Where is Lake Champlain? I would go to Almeden never been to the Oakridge one.. Where is it at??
Its next to Oakridge mall. Their is a fence, and the vta train runs by it.
Ohh yea ok, I drive by it all the time it’s a small little pond. I remember years ago I saw someone on a float tube fly fishing there.
I hope he didnt get caught, because i dont think you can float tube in their.
trevor van dam wrote:
I hope he didnt get caught, because i dont think you can float tube in their.

Ohh no this was like 20 years ago way before they cared where you float tube.(no it was not me I don’t use fly rods) but Back when you could take your float tube and fish anywhere in any lake with no problem. That’s long gone now. ;(
Just thinking about it brings back memories when I use to float tube every day at the lakes right off Monterey road next to the model airplane field few miles from Coyote bait & tackle. Man we use to pull lunkers of there like crazy.. Man I miss those days… ;( ;(
I would go with nicks choice of Champlain, and if not there, maybe Quaticha, or even Bull Shoal. All great fisheries. Great ledge fishing.
You know what guys, im probably gonna go with Oakridge
no way? you made a decision that quick? AlmEden is a good one.
I havent heard of people catching any fish their lately. ;(
hey van dam, im still a bit confused as to where both of these ponds exist. is there anyway you can do a google map pin drop photo? thanks
Sorry man, i wish i could show you but i dont know how to do that stuff ;( .