Alviso Slough Sturgeon

Rumor has it that the alviso slough from the power towers to the train bridge has some good sturgeon fishing. The problem is I don't have a boat so I'm wondering if that area could be accessed from bank if I were to mountain bike into it.

i've heard the same and have heard that there are some access points, but i've never been able to confirm and i haven't taken the time to physically get over there and check.

from the alviso side...i don't think it's too accessible since it's a long while to get to the open bay waters.

i could be wrong, though.
I launched from Alviso Slough a few times, and saw the path along the levy with joggers and bikers. I was under the impression that fishing in the Alviso slough is not allowed, so like you said you have to ride out to the power lines, but I also heard that fishing from the bank anywhere on that trail is not allowed as well. Just to warn you. If you find out any more info please post Id love to know. That area is great. We watched the sturgeon roll all over the place on some days.
And where exactly did you see these fishies? I have a little flat back "scanoe" with a 3.5 horse monster mounted to the back. She'll handle the sloughs just fine :D I posted a thread about "deep south bay fishing" a while back with few responses...
Hmmm, I should look into this...sounds like a fun place to try. Anyone have any info if there is legal access to drop in a kayak near these power lines?

Hey interested in checking this place out sometime? Depending on how many miles it is from launch access to the power lines, I may give it a go on my kayak sometime...not alone of course..haha.
I've seen couples in kayaks launching from alviso. It isn't long to travel the slough out to the bay. There are sturgeon actually right there but you aren't allowed to fish in the slough. But people kayak to the power lines all the time I believe.
Careful guys. I live in Newark and have heard of deaths due to ppl getting stranded in the little tight sloughs next to Don Edwards launch with little boats.

Most times it was because tides got the best of them.
Good point. I bet it can happen fast since it's so shallow there, but how exactly did they die??? Wouldn't you just wait for the next high tide?
I saw what was basically a small shrimp boat in the slough right behind the levee in Alviso pulling out LOADS of what appeared to be shrimp. Any idea what there were? grass shrimp for bait? I assume these won't be found on anyone's plate right?
IBangBangU wrote:
Hmmm, I should look into this...sounds like a fun place to try.

Hey interested in checking this place out sometime?

Absolutely. Redwood City harbor has some cool sloughs to explore too, and probably less chance of getting stuck in the mud lol . I've messed around fishing out there with very limited success, but I didn't have much of a game plan. I would think there has to be something out there to stick a hook in.
And to support FNFs' point, a friend of mine and I got stuck in RWC harbor years ago. He thought it would be a good idea to run up a cut in one of the islands out there and hop off to check it out. Unfortunately, it was an outgoing tide and we came back to his 14ft. aluminum sitting high and dry. Being the crazy dude that he is, he jumped into that slimy bay mud up to his crotch, and managed to free the boat.
Thats just crazy. At high tide you see the boats stranded in the mud....and as the tide goes low, some of them have 1 or 2 other boats underneath them that you couldnt see. A boat inside a boat inside a boat. Thats scary.

So the Alviso slough turns into the Guadalupe river. A friend of mine who works in fisheries found a huge sturgeon (somewhere along the lines of 6 feet) that traveled all the way up to downtown San Jose and was trapped in a small pool. They had to go back and check on it every day, until about 3 days later when it rained and the sturgeon made its way out. Goes to show they are all over the place lol
Wow! A 6' fish in the Guad!?!? That's crazy!

So in the Fremont/Newark sloughs if you get stuck there...there really isn't structure to get out to the top of the banks.

So from what I understand the person's boat got stuck and like your buddy jumped into mud. Couldn't manouver, got himself stuck in mud too. Got cold and dark prob passed due to hypothermia. Then the crabs got him, too. They said he'd been out there for a few days.

As far as what they were pulling out from alviso, I would think it'd be grass shrimp.

I have a lil 12 footer with a 3.5 I never use too so I'd be willing to give it a go. I'd also sell it too if anyone is interested. ;)
Alright guys...sounds like a recon mission is needed. Who's in? [green]
i wouldnt mind at all. i work right next to alviso so lunch time fishing would be a stone's throw away for me! 8-)
I'm in for a mission! I've got an event I have to cover at 4pm Saturday but I'd be down for an early morning excursion.

There are a lot of striped bass being caught in the sloughs too. I think you might have to use anchovies though since the sloughs usually have horrible visibility.
Hhhmmm. That's freakin awesome. Striper in winter so close to home!?! Sold!

I guess it makes sense they stick around and breed since the sloughs are kinda like the delta waters in a way.
It's gonna be a last minute decision for me guys. If you see this rig out there.....


...come and tell me where the fish are! ;)
hell yea Neil. get that bad boy in on the water!
i dont think i'll be able to bring out my boat.

havent used it in a long time so the engine is in need of tune up etc.

i guess i could potentially use the trolling motor but if i use all the batt power i have no oars and i'd rather not get stuck out there like we've discussed... [red]
Hey FNF, since you work so close, where's the good eats at in Alviso? I've heard rumors of some killer tacos.