Alviso Slough

Most of you guys probably know they've opened the marina in Alviso, here's what you can find in the city of stink on the high outgoing:
Caught 11/26 on cut herring; length was 68"
I'd take a 18lb Largemouth over a 100lb sturgeon any day but that's just me. Oh yeah that's my buddy's fish- I got skunked >:-(

I doubt an 18lb LMB would put up the same fight as a 100lb sturgeon
Just went back Saturday morning, same spot, same bait, and I hooked up one of my own... that thing fought like a mofo. 52" 38lb here's a pic:
Wow impressive congratulations!! [8|] Never fished for or eaten those before. Looking at your pics I can see why they are called diamond backs. Didn't know that the Alviso marina was open either so thanks for that good info.
Right on! Nice catch! Wish I had a boat to check it out.... How bad is the tide out there?Think I could launch a pontoon? That would be sick to get pulled around by a sucker mouth... Back a couple years ago when I was laid up due to knee surgery I was out on the dumbarton pier all the time trying to hook into one... No luck for me...
Let me know if ya got an open seat... Again, Nice!!!
I don't think a pontoon would work only because from the launch ramp it's about a mile or two ride until you reach the main canal - otherwise the conditions aren't all that bad. I'd invite everyone in here except it's not my boat, I was lucky to be onboard [green]
Good stuff... I figured it would be a ways away from that launch point... I think I might try the spot closer to dumbarton to launch. That is is I get up the gusto to try it. Would live to hook into a dinosaur diamond back.
Hey how about you just let you buddy know to let me know when he's got an open seat... Lol
haha alright sounds good Rick [green]
Wow did you eat the whole sturgeon? thats alot of meat. I wonder how old that thing was.

Also imagine fighting that thing on light line from a pontoon! WOW WEE that would be a killer fight. Talk about getting pulled around.
We're smoking a big batch tonight, and we froze the rest. LOTS of steaks and filets. We guessed it was about 25 years old
Damn man, I would love to take my Dad out to try for some sturgeon. Might have to get out there, now is the time right?
Dude, it's crazy out there right now. There was a party boat that came down from Berkeley just to fish Alviso, and they along with all 7 other boats within our view were hooking up. It's free to launch and park all day in the marina, and you might come home with fish like this:
Just finished a batch in the smoker last night and and that stuffs pretty good
Marone wrote:
Damn man, I would love to take my Dad out to try for some sturgeon. Might have to get out there, now is the time right?

haha!!! go get em Marone. before it's too late. [green]
Where are you guys catching all those fish at out there? I went out as far as the dumbarton bridge and the depth was only about 30 feet at high tide. Where are all the good sturgeon spots at?
at the end of the alviso marina slough, when it forks just hang a right at the two power poles and go a couple hundred yards.... the depth will be between 9 and 18 feet