Anderson 11/11

Headed out to Anderson today and fished for 3.5 hours. Went with Greg and that A hole caught 3 to my ZIP!! Always a good time though. We saw some pretty cool stuff out there though. We saw 2 coyotes and then we saw this mountain lion right along the shore. Sorry I only had my Iphone with me so the photo is a bit rough. All in all great day on the water and we used drop shots all day.
mtn lion is an awesome sight, you guys were lucky to see that cat
nice fish too.
Looks more like a bobcat to me. Notice the tail is "bobbed" or short.

Still pretty cool opportunity though. It's funny I've seen two mountain lions already but I still haven't seen a bobcat.
yah not to sure which one it was anyone know for sure from the photo. It just watched us the whole time pretty cool to see.
Oh man thats part of the experience on the water that I love so much.About 2 weeks ago I saw a bald eagle at calero.Bunch of the other boats there saw it also and was hooting and holering. Makes a tuff day worth it
You figured out how to rotate the pics. Noyce! Awesome that you got to see a mountain lion. Rare man. I have only seen one in all my years of fishing our lakes. It was at Coyote a couple of years back. Beautiful animal.
Excellent picture!!! That looks like a bobcat . As noted in a previous blog ,
bobcats have a stunted tail and are typlically smaller than a mountain lion .
Still really cool to see. I have seen both at Calero over the years. I actually think the mountain lions are more prevelent than bobcats.
Several years ago (2004 or 2005 ) the ranger at Calero had to shoot a mountain lion that would not leave the area . They said it was a danger to all the boaters that were watching the big cat over a period of several days. They shot it in the big cove on the west side of the lake. Kinda sad , cat probably didn't do anything but look for food.
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You guys ran north i take it by the background pics. Is to the right of that wall sitting about 6feet deep still? Try fishing really deep next time, 30+. You will have better luck. PM me if you want more info.
It was a great day! caught some fish and saw pretty cool wildlife. The S.S. Tin Lizzy came through for me. It was just payback from the last time at Anderson while i played cameraman while Burkhart reeled in like 6 fish to my 0. Anytime JB, anytime.