Anderson (11/23)

Went out Anderson today, got on the water around 11 am and fished till closing(4:30). The water temp was at 58.5-60 deg in the south end. We mostly fished out of the wind as it was straight up howlin'. Prolly constant 20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph all day [8|] . Usually when i go fish and check the weather and when winds are up, I stay home but what can u do when your addicted. me and my buddy ended up with 16 fish and 14 of them were over 1.5 lbs. we picked em up on deeeeeeeep drops with wind blasting it. Didn't see many bait balls on my graphs, but the birds were definitely active, diving everywhere. all colors worked for us from greens to browns to shads. Bite picked up after 2 pm. best five probably went 9-10 lbs
Keep em tight!
Nice. I hate fishing on windy days.

What birds were they?
the ones you see on clear lake and Berryessa. not sure what they're called. always swimming and shooting down to snag bait. def indicates there is bait near by.
Hmmm cormorants? or some kind of diving duck
Good day at Anderson for sure . Another really good technique is hornet heads with a small fluke worked just off the bottom to find active/transistional fish(jig up and down). You can get fish down 40-50 + feet and they seem to be bigger than the d-shot fish in the same area's.
One of my best days for 5 fish at Anderson came this time of year in 45-60 ft with Hornet heads/Fluke. All the fish were 16-18 inches and really fat, full of shad and indentical in shape.
Your right on the wind , can't really get out of it at Anderson , helps the fishing activity , but really makes it hard for fisherman.
Tight lines , C &R ,
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