Anderson (11/25)

Fished today In the turkey shoot with my buddy Justin and we met nick t and Eric out in the lot at 8:00 am. Blasted off at 8:30. My partner stuck a 2+ lbr first thing in the morning and we never stopped. Throughout the day we caught fish and alot of em(30+). Our fish were caught from 15-30 feet of water along rocky transition zones. We caught fish on just about every technique used this time of year. Nick and Eric had the same type of day. Their boat had a respectable 7.5 lbs for five fish. Justin and I had 8.5 for our best. Weather was great and we had a tee shirt on from 10-3. Think I even got sun burnt. It was allot of fun and hope to do another TS soon with some more boats in the near future.
Keep em' tight
My bad guys. The post should have been (11/26). I was bussy stuffing my face on the 25th. Hahaha