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I am not a fisherman. My man is a fisherman. I love to go fishing with him as it's my chance to relax, read a magazine, take pictures, etc. Well, last Saturday he hands me a pole and says hang on to this for me. Now I do have a fishing license, but the only fishing I have done in my life so far is for small trout in a small river during summer vacation as a kid. So I'm a little nervous, but soon realize how sensitive the rod is as I can feel the bottom and the rocks and such. (Already WAY different than trout fishing with a kid pole.) A little while later I feel a funny tug so I pull and reel in my first bass....very exciting!!! I ended up catching three. It was quite fun. I have always had fun on the boat with my man just relaxing and such, but fishing was way more fun than I expected. He could be in a little trouble as I think I could get "hooked". :) Anyway, the girls at work don't really get too excited about a pic of me and a fish so I thought I would put it up here. Enjoy!!!! And thanks to my man for getting me to fish! You are the best!!!
Welcome to SJB .... That smile on your face says it all ...... :)
Great Post and Congrats on a nice bass!!
Congratulations and welcome to SJB :)
WOW.....that's awesome you're hooooooooked. [green]
Thanks everyone!!! I've been watching my honey for almost a year now so I had an idea of what to do....but it was amazing to feel how sensitive the rod is....I could feel rocks and gravel and such....what a trip!!

And for the fishing part of it....I was using a drop shot...pretty deep....just letting it drag along while my man was doing his thing. I only tugged a little on it when it felt like it was hanging up on a big rock. So it was moving pretty slow and probably 18-20+ feet deep. Those are all the details I know anyway. :) The pic is of my biggest of the three fish....the first two were in the one pound range...

Thanks!!!! And thanks again baby for taking me out!!! Can't wait to go again!!!! [green]
That's awesome, more women need to get into the sport. AND YES IT'S ADDICTING!

AWesome Pukinpie
My girlfriend got hooked with me fishing.
Got her started on a dropshot and she caught fish.
Then when it got tough she was able to feel bottom and know what a bite or a pressure bite felt like and caught alot more fish.
She is hooked now and calls her own baits and looks forward to every trip we make.
Glad your having fun because it is.
It's good to see some fisherwoman and nice catch!
Hey Marce I think we should have a women's San Jose Bass clothing Line LOL!!!
Very cool to hear!!
jburkhart81 wrote:
Hey Marce I think we should have a women's San Jose Bass clothing Line LOL!!!

Bikini line... LOL