anderson 3/21 report

got on a pattern fast caught 12 fish all in 10 foot of water on reaction baits, traps and blades biggest fish was 3# other than that they were all about 12" dink city the most fun was when i snagged a carp in packwood cove got him in the tail with a trap is was a good fight i broke him off trying to horse it in-- first trip of the year boat works good except the radio time to get something new for tunes --gb
I was out at Anderson on Saturday and tried some new water. Caught fish but nothing big. I was there till about 2pm. I think I ended with around 30 fish total, biggest in the 2lb range. Everything was chunky. The bite went from aggressive to very soft. I missed a few also. Mostly caught on finesse baits, but did manage a few on the crank bait.