Anderson 3/23

Went to Anderson after stopping by Coyote - caught a personal best six bass off of a shaky head/worm combo! :D I'd say one topped a pound, the other five were under. No pics because the fish weren't worth the effort of digging out the camera. Fished from 11am-3pm, didn't get a bite from 11am-1pm thought I was going to get skunked but from 1-3pm it was steady up and down the bank (parked at Woodchopper and fished along the shoreline there). Crapload of snags though, lost five rigs (2xdropshots,1xwacky,2xshaky)! >:-(

Water is lightly stained, but the wind was blowing strong all day. About a dozen other people along the bank coming and going.

Bite is good though, may go back tomorrow while the fish are around!
Sounds good. Good report we appreciate it!!!
I was out there yesterday. Had 2 on swimbaits, 2 on shallow cranks and 2 on jigs.
I was out there yesterday too. The fish have been biting there every day. What size swimbait did you catch them on there? I've been getting them mostly on the drop shot 4" worm and the crankbait, a few on the jig too.
5" Decoy Hydra Tail. Since the bass are so small, I doubt they will take larger swimbaits.