Anderson 3/29

I haven't posted in a long while. With a weather front approaching, I thought it would be a good day to fish. My daughter is home from UofO for spring break. I told her if she caught one, I would post it on SJB for her 15 minutes of fame. Well here it is!

We fished Woodchoppers and near the bridge around mid-day. This one was caught on a drop-shot Roboworm, Oxblood. Just under 2 lbs.

The bite was very slow. That was the only one we landed in 3 hours.
The best thing about this day for her(well more for you!) is that she caught that fish and that it was with you not the b.f!
Haha, too funny. It was nice to spend some quality time without Facebook and text messaging. It's pretty nice that she'll find time to spend with dad.
Those are the precious moments that can't be give at any time so they're worth it.
My Brother, my Daughter and my self were out there from about 8 till noon. Fished by the Dam and the south end of the lake. We did not get a bite at all. We have just started Bass fishing so this is all quite new to us. So we are still learning the tricks of the trade. I went to a local pond, Jackson and Maybury that after noon and caught one 12 incher, so i am one up on my family.

Nice catch, hope you enjoyed the time.